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Win­ter Weath­er Awareness

December 21, 2022

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY! Temperatures are beginning to drop sharply as winter weather rolls in. We are asking for your help in preparing to winterize your homes and City streets. Cold temperatures are not friendly to pipes in your home and underground lines. Lines that are inactive can freeze and damage or rupture pipes on your property. To help avoid this issue, we recommend that you run kitchen, bathroom, and basement sinks at a constant, steady trickle of cold water to keep it moving through your lines. You should do this any time the weather dips below freezing temperature (32 degrees Fahrenheit). If the sinks have cabinets below them, we also advise leaving the cabinet doors open so that the warm ambient air of your home can get into them. This winter is forecasting a heavy amount of snowfall throughout the season. As such, our crews will be busy trying to keep the roads clear of snow and ice. We are expecting heavy snow as early as this Thursday, the 22nd! In the event of a heavy snow event, we ask that you PLEASE move your cars and vehicles off of public streets if at all possible. This will greatly assist our plows clear the roads of snow during the event, and it will help to protect your vehicle as well! Plowed snow often contains debris like rocks that can be kicked up into your vehicle. Thank you for your assistance as we get prepared for cold and snowy weather! Please remember if you ever need to warm up to stop by City Hall or the Police Department and say hi!